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ENGIE EPS is an industrial player within the ENGIE group which focuses on energy storage systems, microgrids and eMobility, revolutionizing the paradigm shift in the global energy system towards renewable energy sources and electric mobility. Listed on the Paris regulated market since 2015, ENGIE Eps has maintained all research and development functions and production activities in Italy, with a unique team of engineers.

Our story

History of an Italian High Tech play

From spin-offs of the Turin and Milan Polytechnics to one of the largest players in the world in the storage of energy and electric mobility: the success story of ENGIE Eps.

From a spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino destined for bankruptcy, to one of the largest players in the world in the storage of energy and electric mobility: this is the transformation of ENGIE Eps (formerly Electro Power Systems).
Under the leadership of the CEO Carlalberto Guglielminotti, since November 2013, the company has completed a complex financial restructuring in record time, and in just over a year, in April 2015, it was listed on Euronext, the regulated market for Paris stock exchange.
Guglielminotti, born in 1983 – serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a double-degree in law, specialization in finance and philosophy and an MBA – who was entrusted with the task of winding-up the Company, believed in the great potential of the business, whose advanced technology hitherto had been directed exclusively to the telecommunications sector.
Guglielminotti’s bet – which proved successful – was to pivoting the business model and re-allocate know-how and patent portfolio to the energy sector. From that moment, the construction of the new company began, and today the company is a real international industrial player enabling the paradigm shift in the global energy system towards renewable energy sources and electric mobility. In December 2015, just eight months after the IPO, ENGIE Eps launched a capital increase to finance the acquisition of the spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano which would complete the company’s technological portfolio.
In January 2018, ENGIE, the global energy leader present in over 70 countries, acquired a majority stake of EPS for an Enterprise Value of over 108 million euros from its historic shareholders, and then subsequently launched the takeover bid on the French stock exchange leading it to acquire over 60% of EPS capital.
Today, ENGIE Eps, is still listed on the Euronext market in Paris and has maintained all research and development functions and production activities in Italy.
With a unique team of engineers (over 100 people, 13 nationalities, a third with a PhD or MBA), it has filed 130 patents in 28 countries worldwide and over 500 industrial secrets. ENGIE Eps products are fully developed on the HyESS platform, a revolutionary proprietary technology that allows integrating every renewable source with all energy storage media, including electric vehicles.
The company has installed storage systems and microgrids on a global scale:

| 23 countries
| 500,000+ people powered everyday
| ~700 MWh of energy capacity online and under development
| 3 product lines:


Giga Storage

Large energy storage systems (utility scale) for:

  • stabilizing electricity networks with a high penetration of renewables (storage)
  • transforming large photovoltaic installations into a source of energy available even in the evening (Solar-plus-Storage)

This is the case of Guam (USA), where ENGIE Eps is developing a large storage system for over 300 MWh, which will fully supply all the solar energy produced during the day at night.


Industrial Solutions

for commercial and industrial customers ENGIE Eps develops:

  • microgrids composed of renewables and storage technologies (microgrids), which generate off-grid energy at costs up to 50% lower than fossil fuels.

These microgrids had been installed on the island of Giannutri in Italy, together with TERNA, in Tasmania, at the Maldives, at the Comoros islands and in various locations in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • storage systems combined with:
    • manufacturing production plants to guarantee the continuity of industrial processes (power quality)
    • conventional thermal power plants, in order to optimize and make energy production more efficient (thermal power plant retrofitting).

This is the case of the storage systems installed for ENEL thermal plants in Spain and ENGIE in Belgium and Italy.



Since 2017, ENGIE Eps has developed innovative technologies for charging electric vehicles (EV), in particular:

  • charging stations that allow EVs, when parked, to turn into a microgrid and communicate with the electrical grid (Vehicle-to-Grid), transforming each parking lot – where cars are recharged – into huge sustainable power plants, able to stabilize the national electrical grid at lower costs than conventional thermal generation;
  • special home charging systems. This is the easyWallbox, a patented device that allows charging the electric vehicle by plugging into a simple electrical socket, with no complex installation required. In addition, the easyWallbox ensures the stability of the home electrical network, as if it were a micro-network, preventing the blackouts that typically occur when charging the electric vehicle with the regular supplied cable.

Our team


Our Mission statement: unlocking the Energy Transition

By mastering the intermittency of renewable energy sources

Being pioneer of Hybrid Storage Solutions

Transforming intermittent renewable sources into a stable power source and enabling renewables to power society: reliably, affordably and sustainably.


A clear Vision:
An Energy Company and the world’s reference for a clean energy culture

We are an industrial player operating in the sustainable energy sector, specializing in hybrid-storage solutions and micro-grids


Our Values in three cornerstones

Seeking innovation and sustainability of the energy transition are the main values of the Group. It is expressed in three cornerstones


Reliability for our partners


Proactivity for our customers


Technological excellence in any solution deployed

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