|Mar 08, 2018

EPS is part of the ENGIE Group: a strategic partnership to lead energy transition

Paris – Milan, 08 March 2018 – Following the announcement through a press release dated 24 January 2018, Electro Power Systems S.A. (“EPS”), technology pioneer in energy storage systems and microgrids, listed on the French-regulated market Euronext Paris (EPS:FP), is pleased to announce the closing of the acquisition by ENGIE of a strategic ownership interest in EPS of about 51% of the share capital and voting rights.

The completion was subject to standard conditions of closing and these conditions have now been successfully met.

The transaction is executed at €9,5 per share and will be followed by the end of March by the filing of a simplified mandatory tender offer at the same price, subject to the fairness opinion of Associé en Finance, the independent expert appointed by EPS according to the article 261-1 I of the General Rules of the AMF General Regulation. ENGIE intends to maintain the listing of the EPS shares at the end of the offer.

With more than 150,000 employees and a strong presence in around 70 countries worldwide, ENGIE is one of the world’s largest global utility and industrial companies and a leader in the fields of electricity and energy services. Listed in Paris and Brussels, ENGIE is represented in the major stock indices.

Through this deal and the industrial partnership with ENGIE, EPS is committed to pursuing its dynamic growth strategy, with special focus on decentralised energy solutions. Employing innovative solutions and digital transformation, EPS aims to become a major player in the energy’s transition to a low-carbon economy.


EPS is part of the ENGIE Group: a strategic partnership to lead energy transition

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