|Dec 11, 2020

Fast reserve: 70MW of ENGIE Eps technology for 27.5% of the ultra fast frequency regulation in Italy

Paris, 11 December 2020 – ENGIE EPS (EPS:FP) will supply over 70 MW of systems for the projects awarded yesterday by Terna to ENGIE Italia and FCA Italy, to provide innovative ultra-fast frequency regulation services (Fast Reserve), which is essential for the stabilization of the European electrical grid.

The installation of over 70 MW will supply 27.5% of the capacity awarded by Terna in the Italian territory for the period 2023-2027, using proprietary Italian technology and focusing on circular economy.
Two-thirds of the capacity will be realized by ENGIE EPS with stationary energy storage systems within the sites awarded to ENGIE Italia, where ENGIE EPS’ technology, with reaction times of under 200 milliseconds, will integrate a gas-powered plant, a wind farm and an industrial brownfield, adding new flexibility resources to stabilize the Italian electricity system.

The remaining 25 MW will be supplied through the Vehicle-to-Grid system (V2G) located at the Drosso logistic hub within FCA Mirafiori complex in Turin. Specifically, the power capacity will be secured by approx. 700 batteries, the majority of which on board to the New Fiat 500 parked in the stockyard, as well as using ‘second-life’ batteries of the same vehicles. Such batteries, rather than being disposed of at the end of their lifespan, will be reused, giving them a second lease of life as part of the V2G system.

This is the first large-scale industrial application of V2G integrated with second-life batteries. A circular economy project unique in this field, that will maximize the use of batteries over their whole life cycle.

“In such a competitive context, with more than 1,300 MW of offers, 27.5% of the capacity awarded by Terna will be entirely realized with ENGIE EPS’ technology. This is a significant result that brings Italian technology back to Italy and confirms our engineering and industrial excellence, demonstrating once again, as already proven with hydrogen, electric mobility and the largest energy storage tenders worldwide, the competitiveness of our products and our Italian industrial district”, said Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO and General Manager of ENGIE EPS.


Fast reserve: 70MW of ENGIE Eps technology for 27.5% of the ultra fast frequency regulation in Italy

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