|Mar 09, 2021

Jeep 4xe and easyWallbox: an iconic couple ready to revolutionize the emobility landscape

LifeGate, Engie EPS and the Stellantis e-Mobility Team launched an ambitious project aiming at unveiling all the benefits of electric mobility and the amazing possibilities this new and clean way of moving can offer. The project was designed as a series of five videos depicting an eMobility journey through different conditions and landscapes, trying to go in-depth in the relationship between people, mobility and nature.

The new Jeep 4xe plug-in hybrid and easyWallbox were at the center of this video narrative.

The first video was shoot on the snowy roads of the Vigezzo Valley where the Jeep Renagade 4xe test drive took place. This charming Alpine landscape allowed LifeGate’s team to analyze in full all the vehicle attributes, emphasizing the ones that make electric Mobility a unique experience: “Instead of the engine’s noise, only the snow squeaking under the car tires”, commented Roberto Sposini, journalist and LifeGate eMobility Director.

Jeep Renegade 4xe offered an incredible driving experience but easyWallbox features were noted too, just to name the main ones: its simple use and versatility as the two fundamental characteristics that will allow a widespread eMobility diffusion. easyWallbox is perfect for the user who is looking to charge its new electric car from the very first hour by just plugging easyWallbox in a standard electrical socket, but it suits also the more ambitious user who needs a faster charging experience: for them easyWallbox can reach – with a simple upgrade – up to 7.4 kW.

It was then the turn of the Ultrarunner Stefano Gregoretti, who in a second video tested both the car and the easy charge of Engie EPS’ easyWallbox to make the daily trip to his favorite training place: Parco San Bartolo, the Natural Park enclosed between Mount San Bartolo and the Adriatic seashore.

Gregoretti, an outdoor adventure professional, pointed out the importance of sustainability, starting from the way we choose to move and commute, stressing that our today’s behavior determines if we will be able to enjoy nature tomorrow.

The first two videos born from the collaboration and experience of LifeGate, Engie EPS and the Stellantis e-Mobility Team, three players deeply committed to enhance environmental sustainability, are now online and available on LifeGate’s website and YouTube channel.

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