|Mar 16, 2021

#OurPeople in their words: Engie EPS’ brand new social media campaign is underway

A cycle of videos is set to portray Engie EPS’ values and excellence through the words and eyes of its people: Engie EPS’ greatest asset

Since the beginning Engie EPS has always believed in the excellence of its people and through the years the company has created innovative instruments to allow them to unveil in full their potential.

This campaign gives the floor to EPS’ talents and allows them to talk about the company revealing what drives their work at Engie EPS.

The project is structured in 5 short videos depicting the company’s main values:

  • Heritage: Engie EPS is an international Company but it continues to carry out all research and development functions and manufacturing activities in Italy, remaining close to where it all began: the excellence of Politecnico di Torino and Politecnico di Milano, and the industrial know how of Valtellina and the Milan area.
  • A bold purposeful strategy that allows Engie EPS to deeply understand the market in which is operating, spotting trends before they become clear opportunities with always the same objective: the will to spearhead the energy transition.
  • Technological Excellence: today with a unique team of engineers, Engie EPS has developed cutting edge technologies protected by 130 patents and more than 1000 industrial secrets, that power everyday with clean reliable energy more than half a million people worldwide.
  • A true cult of Innovation which brings the company to take up every day the challenge of bringing to reality what seems impossible.
  • Talent centrality is an essential pillar in Engie EPS’ success. To bring out the best in EPS’ people the company constantly invests in their professional growth and personal wellbeing.

The campaign will be shared through the social media accounts of the company.