|Jul 20, 2020

The new website
is on-line

ENGIE Eps announces the launch of the dedicated site for easyWallbox, the innovative device for the domestic charging of electric vehicles available exclusively to FCA customers

Milan, 20 July is on-line. ENGIE Eps has dedicated the site to easyWallbox, the innovative device for the domestic charging of electric vehicles, presented on 26 February (link) and available exclusively for FCA customers.

Carlalberto Guglielminotti, Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE Eps, said, “We want to tell everybody about the distinctive features of this iconic technology in an easy, intuitive way through the website. This is the first step of a wider strategy that will continue with the presentation to the market of the new ENGIE Eps Technological Roadmap on 14 October. This will be a revolution ratifying the link between eMobility and the energy markets.”

The partnership between ENGIE Eps and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles dates to 2017. FCA has already been working with its e-Mobility Division in the EMEA region for some months to manage the ongoing change in the best possible way and co-ordinate all the work connected with electric mobility.

The new site unites the innovative spirit of ENGIE Eps and the unique style of the Jeep and FIAT brands to present the functions of easyWallbox to FCA customers moving into electric mobility. The easyWallbox devices for domestic charging, a patented Italian technology from ENGIE Eps, are included in the launch editions of the hybrid plug-in Jeep® Renegade and Compass 4xe and the electric New Fiat 500.

To ensure the best possible customer experience, the site is in two versions – a personalised one for Jeep customers and one for New 500 customers. Both are available in the five main European languages – Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

Technological innovation, quality and ease of use are the key features of easyWallbox and the new site reflects these perfectly. is highly intuitive and allows the user to choose between the two versions for Jeep 4xe and New 500, presenting the product with images, contents and animations of great impact. The technical documentation and installation manuals, as well as the leaflet on the product, personalised according to the brand chosen, can be found in the Library section. The My easyWallbox by FCA application, available for iOS and Android systems, which allows the configuration, programming and monitoring of easyWallbox recharge sessions, can be downloaded from the App section of the site.

ENGIE Eps presents the first of a series of products in the eMobility range to the public through this new web platform with the aim of accelerating the spread of electric mobility making recharging safe, easy and immediate.


The new website
is on-line

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