A new approach to work putting family at the centre

a responsibility of the company towards its employees, also to those without children, indicating an acknowledgement of the Phase 2 “new normal” that positively translates in recognizing five essential rights

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“In this climate of absolute uncertainty, regarding specially the schools and nurseries re-opening, smart working is not a solution, but a titanic challenge for families, who find themselves having to manage a full-time job, remotely, which does not involve a conciliation with the family routine.
As an entrepreneur I feel the duty to give an answer and concrete tools, beginning with my employees, to protect not only their health, but also their psychological and family balance. It is because of this that we launched FamilyWorking, a new corporate organizational structure: it is our answer to the crisis, from which we are confident we will emerge soon, but also our proposal of the future’s way of working , in which speed and balance will be fundamental to re-start fast, more united and strong than before”

Carlalberto Guglielminotti, Chief Executive Officer


Right to technology

  • A professional workstation: HD screen, dock station, ergonomic chair, HD webcam and a contribution to your broadband Wi-Fi connection.
  • Complete virtual but balanced interaction: by getting used to work only from your workstation, the time dedicated to work and to family is separated. And remember that a video call reduces stress by 60% compared to a phone call, when audio and video are of quality.


Right to flexibility

  • You will be able to work when it suits your family routine better. You will no longer be forced to operate in the 9-18 time slot. By simply using the electronic calendar you will inform the team about how you will distribute your working hours and “private” slots to manage personal or family needs, in which you will not be disturbed.
  • If you have children or are taking care of a family member, you can temporarily reduce your working hours. You will only need to indicate each month the weekly number of hours you plan to perform, and your pay will be automatically adjusted. As a part time on demand, but totally flexible, and adjustable from month to month.


Right to time for the family

  • Among colleagues, traditional phone calls are completely replaced by video calls. You will talk from the workstation and by videoconference only. Video makes communication more effective, less stressful, and more human. Answering only from a computer allows you to separate work from personal activities as well. It will of course be essential to uninstall the video conferencing system from the company’s mobile phone: you will have to do it to give priority to your family.
  • Sending mails or instant messaging to colleagues is interrupted from 8:00 PM. Flexibility cannot go beyond this hour, and the time after it should be dedicated to family and rest. A pop-up with a reminder will appear on your screen.


Right to wellness

  • Every week you can join fitness and postural gym classes on Weltiq, the innovative PhysioTechLab online platform with dedicated personal trainers. Your family members can participate too: always involve them!
  • Every day you can use M.e.a.sure, the innovative self-assessment test of your physical state, and Beaconforce, App that measures your levels of engagement, motivation and stress with the aim of identifying areas of potential intervention and effective initiatives for team management improvement.

To work effectively you don’t have to give up to your free time and your well-being. Never.


Right to be a parent

  • Weekly webinars with a pedagogue to improve your children’s growth path. Adult discussion rooms will be led by experienced pedagogues on issues regarding growth and specific subjects emerged as a consequence of the COVID-19 emergency: children’s exposure to screens, children’s bond, autonomy management, quality of learning within the home walls and frustration for lack of social relationships between peers.
  • Individual or couple pedagogical listening desk, which can be activated on request, conducted by a pedagogue, with the purpose of supporting the critical issues that emerged from the management of children, rules, time and family relationships.

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FamilyWorking: un nuovo modo di vivere il lavoro

May 14, 2020 | 05:00 PM


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