Major projects

New Caledonia – Lifou, 15MW Microgrid20190522182252
Spain – 22MW/12.2MWh BESS for optimization of Litoral coal power plant operation20180730055600
The Comoros – 22.1MW microgrids20180922234426
Australia – 12 MW microgrid powering an entire mining site20171111054623
Maldives – 10MW ambitious microgrids powering resorts20171111054537
Italy – Giannutri, the first Smart Island of Terna, ENGIE Eps technology20180922185658
Somalia – 10.2MW cutting-edge wind and solar microgrids20171111060402
Chile – 1MWh with H2 Microgrid in the Atacama Desert20180723123028
Italy – 2MW/4MWh Terna Storage Lab20180723161450
Semakau – 2MWh hydrogen-enabled microgrid20180922234037
Italy – Ginostra, 2MWh of hydrogen20180922234239
China – 1MWh strategic frequency regulation in Far East20180729171946
Tasmania – 3MW iconic island Hybrid Energy Hub20180729180225
Somalia – 2.4 MW microgrid. Energy transition in East Africa20180729183941
Bosnia – The biggest technological challenge: EVs fast charge and frequency regulation20180729235222
Italy – Altomonte, Capacity firming to 3.3MWp photovoltaic plant20180922234658
Italy – 1.5 MW capacity firming solar control20171111054811
Italy – 1MW/2MWh Terna Storage Lab20180730135400
Spain – 500kW cutting-edge congestion management20151223170118
Europe – 4MW ultra-fast frequency regulation20180729190848
Italy – DSO Grid Support Solution20151221164436

Small Scale Installations

South Africa-Pretoria20180729225016
Italy – Lavasé20180729213348
Italy – Robassomero20180729220641
China – Manchuria20180729215334
India – Guragon20180729215150