• Name of the shares: ELECTRO POWER
  • Nominal Value: 0.20€ each

The ELECTRO POWER share is listed and traded under:

  • ISIN code FR 0012650166
  • Ticker: EPS
  • NYSE Euronext: EPS.PA
  • Bloomberg: EPS:FP
  • Reuters: EPS.PA

Share indices:

  • CAC® Mid & Small
  • CAC® All Tradable
  • for the PEA (share savings plan, in French: plan d’épargne en actions destiné au financement des PME et ETI)
  • NAF Code: Renewable Energy Equipment
  • ICB Classification: 0583

The rights of shareholders will be represented by their registration in a securities account opened in their name in the books of:

  • SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE SECURITIES SERVICES: Global Issuer Services, 32 rue du Champ de Tir – CS 30812, 44308 Nantes Cedex 03, France

commissioned by EPS for the shares kept in pure registered form.

  • Market capitalisation: € 152.563.977
  • Total number of shares: 12.766.860