The Organizational and Management model of Electro Power Systems (“Modello di Organizzazione, Gestione e Controllo, the “Model“) was initially adopted in 2012 and amended from time to time according to law changes and organisational needs. The Model in force has been formally adopted by the EPS’ Board of Directors on 8th February 2017 and implemented as per EPS’ Board resolution dated 14th December 2017. On 8th February 2017 the Board appointed the so-called Organismo di Vigilanza, the supervisory body that guarantee a proper application of the Model within the EPS Group.
The Model, which is compliant with the guidelines drawn up by trade associations and corporate governance best practices, consists of a general section (Parte Generale) that contains main principles and a more detailed section (Parte Speciale) including procedures and Group policies put in place in order to prevent any criminal offence committed by top management and employees. The Model will be subject to further updates and integrations in light of the legislative and regulatory changes or Group’s developments. The Group Companies adopted also a Code of Ethics, which is an integral and substantial part of the Model and Anti-Corruption Guidelines. All the Group Companies are compliant to the principles and guidelines set forth in the Model, in the Code of Ethics and in the Anti-corruption Guidelines, which can be considered the basis of the Group’s conduct.
A copy of the current complete Model can be requested by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Any breaches or suspected non-compliance with the rules and provisions of Decree 231 and/or the Model and/or any other pertinent information concerning the implementation of the Model should be highlighted to the supervisory body (Organismo di Vigilanza) informing also the legal department of EPS Group. Communication shall be sent in writing to the following address:

To: Organismo di Vigilanza di EPS
Copy to: Roberta Romano
c/o: Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Affair
Address: Piazza Tricolore n. 4, 20129 Milan (Italy)

e-mail at the following address:

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Organizational and Management model pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8 June 2001 (ENGITA)

Code of Ethics (ENGITA)

Anti-Corruption Guidelines (ENGITA)

Internal Rules of the Board of Directors

Market Ethics Charter