ARMONIA, Access to Energy in Palau. 100MW, the largest microgrid in the world20181012233507
The Comoros – 10MW microgrids20180922234426
Italy – Giannutri, the first Smart Island of Terna, EPS technology20180922185658
Semakau – 2MWh hydrogen-enabled microgrid20180922234037
Italy – Ginostra, 2MWh of hydrogen20180922234239
Italy – Capacity firming to 3.3MWp photovoltaic plant20180922234658
Spain – 500kW cutting-edge congestion management20151223170118
Italy – DSO Grid Support Solution20151221164436
12 MW microgrid powering an entire mining site20161004175706
10.4MW ambitious microgrids powering resorts20161004175831