20MW/12.2MWh BESS for optimization of Litoral coal power plant operation

EPS signed with Endesa an EPC contract for the design, construction and commissioning of a 20MW utility-scale storage system.
EPS will deliver a unique turnkey solution for serving Endesa’s thermoelectric plant Carboneras located in Almeria, Spain. The storage system will be the largest in Spain and will be composed by 24 inverters, 16 containers of which 8 for PCS and 8 for Li-ion storage, with a total installed capacity of 20MW/11.7MWh.
The installation of this utility-scale system aims to make the plant more flexible and improve its response to the load fluctuations in the current electricity system resulting from the intermittency caused by an increased penetration of renewables.

The project is scheduled to enter into operation in June 2018.