China – 1MWh strategic frequency regulation in Far East



BSB Best Solution of Battery

Microgrid features

0.5MW/1MWh BSB Torrent special ALA chemistry

Power Conversion System:
0.5MW Full Virtual Inertia DROOP Control Technology

Master Controller:
Pool Algorithms & Black Start Function

Smart MV Switchgear

67 tons/year

In the Hubei province (China) EPS has been engaged in the development and implementation of an energy storage system for grid support, providing a further example of the adaptability to different technologies of EPS’ products. Batteries are supplied by two different Chinese suppliers.

Traditional battery storage can deliver full power within time frames of 250 milliseconds if following the frequency, and can even form the frequency if operated in grid-forming mode. Thanks to the proprietary DROOP Virtual Inertia technology, EPS’ systems guarantee a 125μs reaction, with a frequency stabilisation in less than 20ms.