Italy – DSO Grid Support Solution



ACEA Energia

Microgrid features

0.13MW/0.24MWh Li-ion titanate chemistry

Power Conversion System:
0.125MW Full Inertia DROOP Control Technology

Master Controller:
Pool Algorithms & Black Start Function

Smart LV Switchgear

4 tons/year

Acea Distribuzione’s Smart Grid pilot project, selected and admitted by the Authority for Electricity (AEEGSI), has the aim of developing an “active network” in the Rome Malagrotta – Ponte Galeria area, and is conceived so as to test new technological solutions aimed at ensuring bene ts with regard to: the continuity of the electricity service; the reduction of the energy losses; and the overall load capacity of the network in the two flow directions, required by the growth of distributed generation. For ACEA, the Italian energy company in the city of Rome, we developed a prototypical energy storage system for grid support.