Fuel Cell based Power System for Backup applications: Telecom Italia and other field test results

Giuseppe Gianolio, Ilaria Rosso, Pierpaolo Cherchi, Francesco Pedrazzo, Aristide Torrelli, Giuseppe Calzetti
Intelec 2007, Rome, Italy // 30 September – 4 October 2007

Fuel cell power system are currently under test by several different Telecommunication operators worldwide for backup applications. Compared to traditional systems (battery based ups, genset), the PEM fuel cell based power systems have both benefits (higher efficiency and better environmental impact) and drawbacks (higher cost, hydrogen supply need). In this paper a 7 kW fuel cell power system is described and the experimental data related to telecommunication and AC field tests are reported. The field test demonstrated a very good system performance either in terms of power delivery and reliability.

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