Hybrid PV-CHP distributed system: design aspects and realization

M. S. Carmeli; F. Castelli-Dezza; G. Marchegiani; M. Mauri; L. Piegari; D. Rosati
2009 International Conference on Clean Electrical Power // 25 August 2009

The use of distributed generating systems, which use a renewable energy source, has experienced a fast development. Moreover, their intermittent nature can be overcome using hybrid systems which combine more energy sources. This paper discusses a full experience in the realization of a hybrid plant which uses an internal combustion engine with cogeneration/trigeneration functionalities and solar source, installed in Delebio, Italy. System design aspects, with particular attention to the possible topologies and power flow control strategies are analyzed. After the analysis of design aspects, some simulations are presented to validate the proposed solution and finally experimental results of the real plant are reported.