Reduction of motor overvoltage fed by PWM AC drives using a universal model

F. Castelli-Dezza; M. M. Maglio; G. Marchegiani; D. F. Ortega; D. Rosati
XIX International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM 2010) // 25 October 2010

An induction motor model construction and the validation of the model response to a filtering technique is analyzed in this paper. The filter is connected to the rotating machine terminals in order to suppress overvoltages due to the long cables and high frequency pulses of the inverter. With the help of high frequency measurements made by the authors on a 1.1kW induction motor, an accurate simulation with Matlab Simulink™ based on differential mode analysis, is made. The simulation shows realistic results for the determination of the filter parameters among different values of rise time and cable length.