Decentralized renewable energy solutions to foster economic development

Giuseppe Artizzu, EPS - Ilaria Rosso, EPS - Anna Paola Minervini, EGP - Edoardo Patriarca, EGP – Emi Bertoli, EGP - Antonio Bonanni, Enertronica - Giovanni Pediconi, Enertronica - Tunde Morakinyo, ERM - Rachel Cochran, ERM - Alberto Berizzi, Politecnico di Milano

Res4Africa Fostering the deployment of Renewable Energy in Ethiopia: a Sustainable Roadmap // October 3rd – 4th, 2017

Electricity supply and socio-economic development are closely linked. Innovative, sustainable decentralized energy solutions represent indeed the most efficient instrument to promote electricity access in remote and low load density areas. Within this framework efficient generation technologies are crucial for the provision of electricity access and, in turn, to foster local development although not yet sufficient to directly spur sustained growth. Inclusive business models able to foster productive uses of energy are necessary, although the cycle jump-start requires many different inputs. The following study will therefore analyze the existing nexus between electrification and development, further highlighting the important role of having a holistic point of view and building strong partnerships to achieve the most efficient and sustainable business model. Finally, systematic know-how dissemination and a consistent regulatory framework for decentralized energy systems will represent key elements for an effective energy policy within emerging economies.


Decentralized renewable energy solutions to foster economic development

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