Technical Strategies for Voltage Power Regulation in LV Distribution Networks

M. Delfanti, L. Frosio, G. Monfredini, M. Merlo, C. Rosati, D. Rosati, G. Marchegiani

Distributed Generation and Alternative Energy Journal, vol. 30, no.4, pp. 7-14 // 1 January 2015

We report the integration of a novel voltage regulation strategy in the inverter control algorithm for Dispersed Generation (DG) applications. The adoption of a decentralized voltage control based on local curves allows the voltage profile to be controlled at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) of the generators and, therefore, the capacity of existing distribution networks to host more generation from renewables. The work is focused on a low voltage distribution network and both the reactive power modulation and the real power curtailment are considered in the proposed local strategy. Both numerical and experimental analysis are necessary in order to test and validate the proposed voltage control strategy. Firstly, the performances of the proposed control are tested by a numeral analysis and the impact on both the electrical system and the inverter apparatus is evaluated. Secondly, the benefit of the control strategy is analysed by experimental analysis in a test facility to verify the feasibility of voltage regulation in a real feeder.