Carlalberto Guglielminotti

Carlalberto Guglielminotti is Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE Eps and has previously been a serial entrepreneur, venture capital investor, business lawyer and investment banker.
In October 2013, he was appointed CEO of Electro Power Systems (EPS), with the mission to manage the Chapter 11 of what was, at that time, a research center and spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Turin.

In May 2014, after spearheading the complex financial restructuring of the research center in record time, Carlalberto used the innovative technology that had been developed since 2005 for the telecommunications sector, and changed its target application to the energy markets, launching a new start-up.

Less than one year later, in April 2015, he was already leading the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the company, listing EPS on the Paris stock exchange with a market capitalization of €55 million. From that moment, EPS had quickly grown to become a real industrial and global player.

Eight months later, in December 2015, Carlalberto launched a capital increase and funded the acquisition of a spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Milan in order to complete the company’s technological portfolio.

Meanwhile, EPS deployed an installed base of 67 MWh, becoming one of the largest players worldwide for microgrids and utility-scale storage systems.

Two years later, in January 2018, ENGIE, a global energy leader operating in more than 70 countries and the largest independent power producer of the world, acquired a majority stake of ENGIE Eps and launched a tender offer worth over 100% of the capital of EPS for an enterprise value of €108 million.

Carlalberto raised in 5 years approx. €90 million in equity and debt capital and brought ENGIE Eps’ stock capitalization at €174 million as of 31 January 2019.

Prior to the ENGIE Eps venture, Carlalberto was an entrepreneur and investor, focused mainly in Hi-Tech and Digital sectors, with a strong expertise in start-ups, growing-stage companies and turnarounds. In 2011, he was appointed Operating Partner at 360 Capital Partners, which is one of the largest venture capital firms in Europe with €400 million of assets under management, taking responsibilities for the development of the cleantech and digital portfolio companies. He later became Chairman of the advisory company of the fund, a role that he still maintains.

Before joining 360 Capital Partners, Carlalberto co-founded two successful technology startups. In 2009, he co-founded Blackshape Aircraft which was acquired by an investment group that specialises in aerospace and electronics, Blackshape develops and sells the highest-performing ultra-light aircraft in the world, completely made of carbon fiber. In 2011, he co-founded Restopolis, now called TheFork, a TripAdvisor company for online restaurant-reservations; a platform with 14 million monthly visits, only in Europe.

In addition to his career, Carlalberto is a regular lecturer and visiting professor at leading European polytechnic universities and business schools.

Carlalberto was born in Turin in 1983. He received an MBA with merit in Financial Risk Management from the Bocconi School of Management in 2012. He graduated as JD summa cum laude in international law from Université Paris V in 2005 and magna cum laude with a master’s degree in law from the University of Turin in 2006. In 2010 he became a qualified lawyer and was enrolled with the Milan bar.

He specialised in philosophy at the University of Haifa (2005) then moved to the European School of Economics in New York (2007). He then spent four years at Linklaters both in London and Milan focusing on structured finance, with a secondment in investment banking at The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Carlalberto has always been involved in voulonteering activities. For over 7 years he volunteered with the White Cross rescue organization as a paramedic in the ambulance for emergency services.

During his honeymoon he led a program of entrepreneurship in Kenya to train a local community (Makobeni Project) with the goal to stimulate entrepreneurial activities and independence from subsidies and foreign aids.

Moreover, he is ambassador at the Theodora Children’s Charity, whos mission is to contribute to the wellbeing of children in hospitals, hospices and specialized care centers by providing visits from professional performers who have been trained to work in a medical environment.

As former athlete, he now enjoys being the ski instructor to his two kids, Tommaso and Edoardo, and trail-running with his wife Claudia.



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