One technology platform. Several applications

With over a decade of applied research and development, ENGIE Eps is a technology pioneer in the field of distributed hybrid energy storage systems (HyESSTM).
The HyESSTM portfolio offers fully integrated, reliable and safe storage solutions for a wide range of applications:

Grid support solutions, via utility-scale energy storage systems to support electrical grids heavily penetrated by intermittent renewables
Distributed energy solutions to enable the distributed generation revolution toward the new role of prosumers
Microgrids able to integrate renewable sources and storage technologies for a unique independent power generation offering

The energy scenario is evolving rapidly, as well as the role of utilities and network operators. The structure of the electricity system is undergoing significant paradigm changes with incisive penetration of intermittent renewable sources, fragmentation and distribution of the production points, diffusion of efficient and innovative technologies. Microgrids, utility-scale, and behind-the-meter storage systems, virtual power plants and electric vehicles are changing the game and the future of energy.

In the changed context of reference, ENGIE Eps’ mission is focused on unlocking the energy transition, pioneering hybrid storage solutions, and acting as a reliable system provider, with a full technology independence from the storage media required in every single application.

ENGIE Eps’ partners and stakeholders can count on a full product suite, vertically integrated into a unique technology platform able to face the energy transition as a whole.

HyESS™ flexibility

By choosing ENGIE Eps as a System Provider, customers gain
a one-stop-shop partner across the application spectrum

Leveraging a technology covered by 130 patents and applications in 48 countries, over 500 trade secrets and 10 years of R&D, ENGIE Eps has developed integrated hybrid energy storage solutions to stabilize electrical grids heavily penetrated by renewable sources, and to power off-grid areas in emerging economies at a lower cost.

ENGIE Eps provides microgrids and clean energy solutions, reducing electricity bills, without the need for any subsidy or incentive scheme. ENGIE Eps’ mission is to unlock the energy transition by mastering the intermittency of renewable energy sources.

By providing cutting-edge systems to control the intermittency of renewables, enhanced by storage technologies, ENGIE Eps enables people to be powered by renewable energies 24/7 sustainably and affordable.

With the ability to connect all types of renewables, batteries, and storage media including hydrogen, HyESS is a turnkey energy storage and microgrid solution that covers a power range from hundreds of kilowatts to tens of megawatts.

Grid-side energy storage systems addressing operators’ surging demand for primary, secondary and tertiary reserve, reactive power and black-start capabilities, while improving service quality and reducing operating costs and users’ energy bills.

Behind the meter energy storage systems enabling commercial and industrial users to compress their bills, by peak-shaving their consumption profile, optimizing the utilization of distributed generation, enabling participation in demand response schemes, and delivering sustainable back-up power and power-quality. Smart distributed generation systems providing despatchable, sustainable and secure power for less than 13€ cents per kilowatt-hour.

Distributed energy storage systems enabling renewables as a stand-alone, reliable and affordable power source in emerging markets and smart islands, displacing diesel and oil-fired generation. In this market, the Group fosters a bottom-up, distributed model of greenfield electrification, delivering clean energy 24/7 at sub 20€ cents per kilowatt hour, even in high-cost-of-capital jurisdictions.

HyESS™ Hybrid Energy Storage System

The technology platform enabling the energy transition, beyond the hype