Over the past three years we have developed a unique technological platform, with renewable energy storage systems that proved their competitiveness on a global scale and, in partnership with FCA, with innovative solutions to accelerate the spread of electric mobility. The 2023 Technology Roadmap will mark a new chapter of this evolution, the final meeting point between energy storage and e-mobility, in order to revolutionize the energy transition paradigm.

Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO and General Manager


Unveiled Engie EPS’ 2023 Technology Roadmap

During the full-digital event Technology Revolution Day, Engie EPS presented the technological solutions which are aimed at revolutionizing the Energy Storage and eMobility sectors


Technology Revolution Day

Download pdf: EN ↓

18 FEBRUARY 2021
Engie EPS will present the 2023 Technology Roadmap with a full-digital event


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