HyESS™: the technology to govern the energy transition

All ENGIE Eps products are built on HyESS™, a unique technology platform that transforms intermittent renewables and electric vehicles into the pillars of a reliable and sustainable grid


Designed to optimize density and performance of batteries


A range of containerized housings fulfilling world-class density, operational, safety and affordability requirements. The housings are easily transportable and can host different battery technologies to address power and energy needs. Second life batteries coming from automotive applications are also available. Other than batteries, the “EnergyHouse” hosts safety and automation systems, as well as ENGIE Eps sophisticated energy management system.

Convert & Connect

Designed to interface batteries with the surrounding environment, from a microgrid to wider electrical systems


ENGIE Eps’ cutting-edge containerized offering for power conversion, including automation and controls are powered by our proprietary C-BESS inverters. Each PowerHouse embeds advanced features such as on-grid and off-grid operation with seamless transition management, virtual inertia and power quality capabilities. Our control system allows as well the integration of third-party inverters for specific markets or applications.


ENGIE Eps’ containerized system specifically designed for large electric-vehicles parking areas and fleets. Through the Vehicle-to-Grid systems (V2G) batteries of electric vehicles can exchange energy with the national grid upon demand, providing a decisive contribution to grid flexibility. EVHouse, our centralized V2G system, transforms EV fleets into MW-scale storage systems ready to supply grid services. The system hosts A.I. algorithms to predict EV availability and operating parameters, as well as machine-learning algorithms to optimize system operation.


Our range of containerized systems capable of managing any kind of grid interconnection, irrespective of grid frequency and voltage. The versions have been designed to host medium or low-voltage grid interconnection gear, distribution feeders, protections, metering, and plant auxiliary supply system.


Designed to provide the best charging experience in the eMobility industry


Simplify your charging experience. easyWallbox is a residential charging system for both electrical and hybrid vehicles that can operate in Plug & Play mode by a standard electrical socket up to 2.3 kW or can reach up to 7.4 kW with a simple power upgrade. Featuring the Dynamic Power Management function, the device will autonomously manage the charging session using only the available power and not exceeding the home power’s limit at any time, avoiding unpleasant black-outs.

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Daze Plug

the first autonomous conductive charging system for electric vehicles with no need to plug or unplug cables.

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ENGIE Eps’ groundbreaking suite of cutting-edge control systems for Giga Storage, Industrial Solutions and eMobility

Prophet EMS

Proprietary portfolio of smart control cabinets specifically designed for utility-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems. It handles the optimization, real-time control, monitoring, safe operation, automation and high resilience of a storage system or a microgrid. Designed via cutting-edge system engineering, it can coordinate operations of multiple energy storage systems, generation plants and load, regardless of network type and system size, thanks to a ground-breaking modular hardware and software architecture.


An end-to-end data solution for remote plant and asset monitoring. It acquires, collects, transfers, and post processes data coming from connected plants via cybersecure communication channels. A web-based supervision dashboard provides insight on plants and assets in the portfolio for performance and revenue monitoring. In addition, it allows the management of all the systems, providing near real time data visualisation and schedulable performance reporting. Advanced analytics, along with robust data handling techniques, offer an in-depth analysis of the installations and their operation.

My easyWallbox

We develop software solutions turning our eMobility products into powerful smart devices, providing an intuitive user interface and data visualization while enabling easy servicing. My easyWallbox is a dedicated application for smartphones to manage the easyWallbox, allowing the user to set up parameters, monitor functioning, schedule charging sessions while providing an easy user experience.

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